Your logo says you're in beta. Why?

We've had good experiences with integrating feedback during development when we created our first game, The Masterplan. We wanted to make Playfield public early on so that we can get that same user feedback as soon as possible. To make sure everyone knows Playfield is not yet fully finished, we are using the beta tag with the logo.

What does beta mean?

During the beta, bugs and glitches are to be expected, and we have a host of features to add. However, the site is fully functional and solid already. Please report any weird findings to us via support@playfield.io.

I'm having a problem with something. Help?

Please contact us at support@playfield.io. Sorry about that!

What will this cost me?

Accessing Playfield is completely free, if you don't buy any games. But you probably will, since we work with some pretty amazing developers.

What is this Community Choice on the front page?

Every week, the Playfield community elects one game to be displayed on the front page. We measure and track the community activity on the leaderboard, and every new follower, upvote, and praise the game and its content got will boost its score. On Monday 0:00 UTC the leading game will claim its place on the Playfield frontpage. So go support your favourite game by following and voting on the content, and push it to the front page!

How do the Community Choice leaderboard and cooldown work exactly?

Once the winner for the week is found, it gains a week of visibility, and its score is reset. Note that all other games will keep their score. Additionally, once a game has been featured on the front page as the Community Choice, it will be on cooldown for the next four weeks, meaning it won't be chosen again even if it is the number one the very next week despite the reset. This is done to ensure we get a wide variety of games on the front page, and to make sure each game supported by a community has its fair chance to make it to the top.

What payment methods do you support?

Playfield supports PayPal, Visa, Visa Debit, Visa Electron, MasterCard, Debit Mastercard, American Express as well as gift and prepaid cards from these providers. Please note however that many banks limit the online use of their cards, and some require you to first contact the bank to enable the online use. This is a common reason for a card to be declined, and can be solved by contacting your bank. For problems with PayPal, consult PayPal support directly.

What about other payment methods?

Currently Playfield supports PayPal and major credit & debit cards. We are considering adding other payment methods in the future. Please let us know via Discord chat about the methods you'd prefer.

What about payment security?

Playfield payments are powered by Stripe, PayPal and Braintree. We don't see or store your credit card number. We and our partners use state of the art machine learning methods to prevent fraudulent purchases.

What is the Playfield Desktop App?

The Playfield Desktop App ("PDA") is our lightweight desktop app & launcher for both Windows & Mac. You can instantly access your Playfield library, launch your Playfield games and get notifications! You can also launch your Steam games!

I can launch my Steam games from Playfield? How is that possible?

The PDA checks Steam's installed folder for your Steam game library, which is provided by Valve in a simple text file in Steam's folders. When you click on a Steam game in the Playfield library, the app tells Steam to launch/install a game, by a url scheme protocol provided by Steam. We do not gather or store any user information or upload/share it anywhere from user's local computer to our servers so your data & games stay absolutely private.