Buddy Link


What is the Buddy Link about?

Buddy Link is a way for you and your friends to save money while buying games. When you've completed your first purchase on Playfield, you'll receive a link you can share to your friends. When they sign up via the link and do their first purchase, not only do they get a 10% discount, you'll also gain 10% or their purchase value as store credit!

How can I give my friend a Buddy Link?

You'll be able to invite your friends after you complete a purchase on Playfield. The link is shown after purchase, and you can also find it in the top bar, next to notifications and the user menu.

My friend gave me this link and said it should give me a 10% discount. How do I use it?

All you need to do is follow the link to Playfield; you'll see the details as soon as you enter the site. You don't need to make the purchase right away though, the voucher remains valid as long as you sign up.

I didn't get any store credit even though I invited my friend!

The store credit is given out as soon as your friend completes a purchase. You'll receive a notification of the credit being added, and will always be able to see the credit you have in the user menu.

Ok, now I got the credit. Can I do this again and again?

Yes! The link you received remains valid, and can be used by more people. You'll get more store credit for each first time purchase completed via your link. You can always find your link in the top bar, next to notifications and the user menu.