You are Rick Guiver, a reckless coast guard rescue helicopter pilot. A terrible oilrig catastrophe has happened in the coast! Against your superiors' orders and better judgement you jump in your helicopter and fly to the danger zone! There's no time to lose, save as many people as you can!

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    Choppa flies past one million downloads! Thanks for playing! #indiedev #gamedev #mobilegames

    Gather crates from hard-to-get places but watch out for the flying debris! MEGA UFO makes for an interesting choice!

    Tried the new GOLDEN BOY yet? The coin doubler makes unlocking the other choppas as easy as it can be!

    @ChoppaGame #screenshotsaturday even though it's Monday!

    Launch week download numbers are in. Amazing stuff, keep on flying! #indiedev #gamedev #gettothechoppa #apple

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    A bumper two-week edition that covers our trip to Gamecity, our brand new 'Choppa' objective type, a new level-end scenario and many more bits and bobs. I also answer tons of your questions at the end!

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    Stumpt plays the BROFORCE Beta (by Free Lives)! Brominator, Brohard, Rambro, and Robrocop all try to make it for the Choppa!

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