Demetrios is a full-length adventure game packed with cynical humor. 8 to 12 hours of fun!

Did you know Demetrios has some fanart? :p #gamedev
From a contest I did a while ago :

Demetrios releases next Tuesday on #psvita! Finally!!!


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Adventure, Visual Novel and puzzles mixed with silly jokes. 10 hours of fun! Fully optimized for PS Vita, this adventure is translated into 6 languages (English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Russian). Available November 15th, 2016!

Last touch before final version of Demetrios... Extras :p #screenshotsaturday
"Gold" version soon! #gamedev

Demetrios is listed on a... chinese site? With a chinese cover? LOL

Don't forget, Demetrios comes to #PSVita on December 6th! :D

#screenshotsaturday #gamedev

Sony is advertizing Demetrios on the...PS4 store?! Its not even released yet! O_o #psvita #gamedev

I often get asked so...
RT if you'd buy a potential physical release of Demetrios by @LimitedRunGames :) #PSVita

Demetrios lands on #PSVita next Tuesday! :D
RT to win a PSN copy!
Winner announced on release day. #giveaway

Demetrios lands on #PSVita in 9 days!!! #screenshotsaturday

It's GOLD! Demetrios has now passed certification in Europe too :p #comingsoon #psvita