A better home for your game

Playfield helps you reach the right audience, build a stronger community, and sell more games.

Steps to set up your game

1 Sign up

Create a personal Playfield account by signing up. Now you can customize your personal profile, follow and buy games, vote and participate in discussions.

2 Developer profile

Create a developer profile so that people can learn more about you and your team. Fill up the profile and invite your teammates to collaborate.

Add developer

3 Game page

Create a new game page and attach it to your developer profile. Make sure to set everything up correctly - pay attention to the notices on top of the edit page!

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4 The paperwork

Contact us at business@playfield.io to get your contract. Don't worry, it's very straightforward - we're not big fans of legalese either.

A great user experience for your community

No monolithic clients to download. Easy to link in to, easy to link out from - as things should be. Easy way to bring your community into one place, and a much nicer experience for your fans. Buying games can be almost as fun as playing them.

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Find and reach your fans

We connect to a large variety of platforms gamers are using every day, and pull in the interesting content. Based on community engagement, user activity and social connections, we can then make good recommendations for gamers. And once people follow you, you'll continue to be able to reach them without having to spend money.

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Take home more of the profits

We want to see great developers succeed, and have set our terms reflect that: the developer brings home a whopping 75% of the profits!

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Grow with Playfield

There's plenty more to come, with strong multi-platform support (including mobile), deeper integration with popular services, and more engaging community features. Add your game and tell us how we can help you succeed.

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Trusted by over 700 developers

Discovery is such a central aspect for indie game devs as well as gamers, and Playfield is absolutely spot on in embracing it!

Playfield is a visually rich way to keep track of cool games as they're being made.

We're big believers in supporting the discovery of new games through personal recommendations and are excited to be a part of Playfield's future growth.

It’s exciting to be working with Playfield. Finally there is a digital store that is actively working with Streamers and YouTubers to drive eyeballs to Games.

Official partners

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