The winners of the contest have been selected by the community and the jury. Here are the winners who will join us at the Playfield booth in gamescom!

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Collected 11639 votes!

Top-5 game chosen by the jury!

Gathered 3506 followers!

Congratulations to all the winners, we'll see you at gamescom! And don't forget that all the games in the top-10 make it to our gamescom showreel. The showreel will be playing non-stop to the 350 000 visitors of gamescom at our booth, and will feature:

Read more about the results in our blog.


Here's our prestigious and acclaimed indie jury for the Playfield gamescom contest. The jury will consider top-5 games of each category, and choose the third winner to go to gamescom. The decision will be based on their own criteria as indie developers, including design, innovation, and execution.

Rami Ismail

Rami Ismail is the developer & business guy at Vlambeer. Vlambeer is a Dutch independent game studio, best known from Ridiculous Fishing, LUFTRAUSER and Nuclear Throne.

Rami also created presskit() & travels around the world to speak about game development and culture at events, schools and in emerging territories.

Dajana Dimovska

Dajana is President of Hexblade, part of a newly merged entertainment company with a focus on bridging the physical and digital worlds of play.

Dajana is also CEO and Co-founder of KnapNok Games, an award winning Danish console games studio.

Beyond this, as a co-founder of the Copenhagen Games Collective and one of the founders of the world wide Game Jam movement, she remains committed to helping to build the indie community.

Christer "McFunkypants" Kaitila

Organizer of One Game A Month. Creator of 40 games, 60 songs, 2 books, and an HTML5 platformer game starter kit, McFunkypants is an optimist disco viking and child of the arcade era. Currently working on a gamedev book and a strategy rpg.

Twitter: @mcfunkypants



The contest begins officially on the 7th of July. However, all the existing activity on the site is also included in the contest, thus you will for example also get points for each pre-contest follow. The contest runs for two weeks and ends on Sunday 19th of July, 18:00 CET, two weeks before gamescom. The two community winners will be announced on the 19th, and the Jury will choose the third winner during the following week.


All independent developers and developer teams who are not officially connected to Shark Punch and have a game page on Playfield are free to enter the contest. To enter, hit the Join contest! button in the game edit page or enter your game through the gamescom page. See the Requirements-section to see what is needed to claim the prize.


There are three identical prizes, one for each of the three winners of their category.

  1. Two (2) entrance tickets to gamescom in Cologne, 5th to 9th August.
  2. Accommodation in or near Cologne from 4th to 10th August.
  3. Booth space to showcase the game at the Indie Arena Playfield Booth together with the other winners.

Who wins

There are three categories, with one winner in each. Winners are decided in the following order:

  1. Most followed game on Playfield

    1. Decided by the number of followers at the moment the contest ends.
    2. In case of tie, the winner is chosen randomly by a roll of die.
    3. The winner is then removed from the leaderboard for both categories.

  2. Game with most 'I'd play that' votes on its content

    1. Decided by the number of aggregated votes on the 12 most voted updates on the game page.
    2. The game that won the 'Most followed' category is no longer eligible to win.
    3. In case of tie, the winner is chosen randomly by a roll of die.
    4. The winner is then removed from the leaderboard for both categories.

  3. Jury's choice

    1. Jury will make their choice of the short-listed games based on design, innovation, and execution.
    2. The shortlist will have top-5 games from both categories, excluding the winners.
    3. Jury will announce their decision in few days after the community winners have been chosen.


To be able to claim the winning prize, the following requirements need to be fulfilled:

  • The developer must own the copyright to the game.
  • The developer must travel, at their own cost, to gamescom and attend the Playfield booth.
  • The game must have a playable build available to contest organisers by 19th July.
  • The game must comply with Indie Arena Booth and gamescom rules of what can be shown at the event.


Playfield staff reserves the right to bar a game from the contest at any time at their own discretion. We have no intention of using this right, but considering the nature of the contest, we feel it's important to have troll and bot protection in place.


Contact us directly at or tweet us @playfieldhq.