Lupus in Fabula is an adventure game with puzzle solving elements.
It concerns two characters, controlled one at a time, caught in Flemish Renaissance mixed with glitched medieval times as a result of failed magickal transport.

YESyesbyGeorgie..gamejolt hiscores and trophies are working, achieveth many (OK, was cheating :P)!

Finally figured out some bloody token or something, head hurts mate...head__hurts! #pixelart

Added like 24 Trophies to gamejolt but brother, who is gonna implement all that nonsense, ahah! :D

Something tells me I'm not gonna survive this #pixelart

By George, Batman nailed it! :)

Cheer up, DAli is immortal and will never die! #gamedev #pixelart

Half a Menu working--progress :/ #pixelart

Still undared to touch or open this book, it's made of gold in ecstasy! :$

Two images stitched and Godzilla vs Hedorah in widescreen edition appear! #C64

One for the legend - Michael Caine #ANSI

0xPaint -- still works hehe #c64

Working on a palette brother, no dilly dallying! #pixelart #gamedev