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    • Get Pombie Jump: Pombie's Revenge

    Finally updated the main font to support a good chunk of Latin and Russian characters. #GoogleTranslated

    Was over-tired and about to give up, but then finally made some progress on the buggie last night. Vrooom! #gamedev

    Staying up too late drawing a happy tree.

    I guess it's come a little ways since last January. So much more to still do.

    Messing around with weather effects... not that it actually has any effect on gameplay yet. Soon™

    Performance graph debug thingy. (delta time)

    Late night #pixelart robot doodle.
    > ERRORrRrrrrrr

    Oh no. #screenshotsaturday #mewnbase

    Work-in-progress alternate dirt terrain surface thing.

    Toddler approves of @panoramical. Definitely cool to mess around with, and free this weekend on!

    Plant anim test. Sticking with the original 2 sprites, and a simpler Spine rig + animations.

    Just some animated space grass. To help liven the place up a bit.

    Been a while since I worked on the Water Supply modules. Now no longer totally useless! #gamedev


    Pretty much sums up the conditions at the top of Mount Monadnock yesterday.

    On cold, raw mornings like today, since we don't have a woodstove in our house, this will have to suffice.