Sugar and Spice

Game by Only Imaginary

Sugar and Spice is an action platformer starring a Princess made of bubblegum. Currently in early development, slated for a PC release.

    More tweaking still to do, but Miss Cake is a formidable opponent now! #gamedev

    Timelines turned out easier to use than expected, so here is a very simple cutscene in progress. #gamedev

    Changed the smashy things. Timing still needs work and their activation will be tied to a cutscene later. #gamedev

    If the last tweet wasn't sign enough, I've been procrastinating with NPC character designs. >.>

    Beginnings of a proper Title Screen. #gamedev

    Powerups animations are in! Still need a little tweaking though. #Gamedev

    Very basic Pause and Game Over are in! ^.-

    Not much but Miss Cake has a silly idle and now Sugar wont interrupt patrols if she talks to NPCs. #gamedev

    Showin' off tile changes and Syrup's (rough) sprite change. #gamedev

    Must remember to switch profiles -before- posting progress. Whup. Here are smashy things, it is all I have done.

    Powerups are in and Sugar's sprite actually changes to reflect them. (ignore silly particles) #gamedev