The Wild Eternal

Game by Ilsanjo#33

The Wild Eternal is a first-person adventure game about an old woman who wishes not to be reborn, and a talkative fox who offers to help her.

    hey, want a sneak peak of The Wild Eternal?

    6pm. @TheRealIndie.

    Reminder! We are on Steam Greenlight and have pretty fog gifs! #indiegames

    Me at the beginning of 2016 vs me at the end of 2016.

    Ananta's got hops! Jump over to the #SteamGreenLight page and show us your support! #gamedev

    Hi! Look at this foggy vista!

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    Be mindful of your perception of reality.

    #WednesdayWisdom #gamedev #indiedev

    One of the many blessings you can receive in @TheWildEternal #ScreenshotSaturday #MadeWithUnity

    Its a big world, so of course you can teleport! But you gotta find it first ;) #gamedev