Indie PVP Tower Defense

2 players fight on 1 map using a unique arsenal of towers, minions and abilities. Improve your skills in this fast-paced and blissfully chaotic combat game and become the champion of the Coregrounds!

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It took ages to animate a laser shooting potato – but I just had to: xD @9gag

Awww we could look at that all day. Winning is beautiful, isn't it? :-)

The minion limit is one of Coregrounds most interesting mechanics! Look at that destruction! #gamedev

I can't wait to go back to programming after the Kickstarter! The release version awaits! <3 #gamedev #gamersunite

It's all about timing in #Coregrounds! And it's going to be even more beautiful soon! #gamedev #screenshotsaturday

You have unlocked another #Kickstarter Achievement: Double income bonus now until August 21!

For everyone who can't back us on Kickstarter: We now accept pledges via PayPal:

Two achievements are almost done on #Kickstarter Go get 'em, team! #crowdfunding

The Radiator. Annoying people since 1894. #multiplayer #screenshot #gamedev #gamersunite

So much Kickstarter lately, let's see some gameplay for a change. How about a LIGHTNING DOUBLEKILL?! #gamedev

Wanna try out our musicbox and listen to the new ingame music? #soundtracksunday #gamedev

That's what our Kickstarter at is for: Awesome new graphics! #screenshotsaturday #gamedev

Achievement unlocked! We also added a new one! #goteam #crowdfunding #kickstarter

You are awesome! <3 That's why we've added new rewards for all tiers on Kickstarter:

As promised: a sneak peak of the new music for Coregrounds – and the tool we're using to test it! #gamedev #music

Sorry for the delay on the music sneak peak, tomorrow! Here's a sneak peak of it. Sneak peakception?! #gamedev

Kickstarter loves Coregrounds: We love you too, @kickstarter! <3 #crowdfunding #gamedev

Look at these new designs! <3 This is what the Kickstarter is for! Want more? Back us at