Elroy And The Aliens is a hand-drawn point & click adventure game, animated in 2D and inspired by Saturday morning cartoons.

The story is about Elroy, a witty aspiring scientist who goes on a world-saving mission to stop aliens from carelessly destroying the Earth.


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    #gamedev meetup in Maribor. @tadej talking about the production process of me! :) #wwwhmb https://t.co/zgRig4YdtW

    .@YeveArt with the amazing @ElroyTheGame painting at @CEGConf last week. Thanks, Yeve! Keep it up! <3 #gamedev https://t.co/j8J7cAM8Fy

    Anna @ensieee playing Elroy on the bus to #CEGC2016. Check out her game art --> annaprem.at ! #gamedev https://t.co/aStN7mWMNA

    Going to #cegc16, Vienna. Drop by our booth on Thu & Fri @CEGConf indie area and try the Elroy demo! #gamedev https://t.co/33WPW6BxMR

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    Awesome talk by @xeroxeroxero about doing social multimedia right at #PGConnects http://t.co/vAgVvDbQ1H