FALLMAN is a trampoline jumping action game starring an 80's trampoline champion with his athletic career gone south. Keep your jumping rhythm going while performing crazy trick combos in the air by tapping, swiping and rotating. And do not fumble a landing!

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    Concept sketch for a new Fallman stage. http://t.co/F6Jc5eZwn3

    I bet this will stay on the top of the scoreboard for a while... http://t.co/nZhnk9METa

    That last highscore got crushed many times, this is the one to beat now! #gamescom http://t.co/TfGuMhVnf4

    This is the best Fallman score so far at #gamescom today - come to Indie Arena Booth (hall 10.1) and beat it! http://t.co/qn26hUldDT

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    Thank you @RadiusFestival - it's been amazing! http://t.co/L7M4V7DzWC

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    #screenshotsaturday FALLMAN (iOS) out now on the App Store! https://t.co/gJYU002LGT @indiegamemag http://t.co/Ul7DDa7aEn

    I wonder what this pose was named after.. Any ideas, @badcrane ? :) #FALLMAN http://t.co/DQQQfL5GOW

    Found this one yet? :) @treemengames #FALLMAN http://t.co/Iqp4K9rJ4c

    Promo posters hot from press for #FallMan #iosgames #gamedev http://t.co/DZO76K66Y0