The Masterplan is a tactical team-based game where you plan and execute bank robberies and heists.

Welcome to The Masterplan. We break out of the joint and rob a kiosk. Great game from Shark Punch, Inc. They are also working on a new game discovery platform with a focus on indie titles. Check that out at -- Watch live at

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Next update will include persisting items. Right now, they persist a little too much. #GreenBros #indiedev #gamedev

Special Offer! $9.99 for a goon of your choice, or 3 for $29.97! Goon hiring system being planned. #gamedev #indiedev

Our latest map has the goons hitting a rival gangster's mansion. No risk of collateral damage or police intervention!

#HappyHolidays from The Masterplan crew! May your gaming backlog grow shorter! #itonlygrowslonger #tistheseason