Developer introduction

Welcome to Playfield!

Playfield offers a way for players to discover great, fresh new games - your game included - that may have otherwise be left unnoticed. This means that developers can reach and build their custom audience without the expensive marketing campaigns.

One page - all the content

Your game page is the hub for your community and game. It already automatically combines your Twitter and YouTube, and allows game specific commenting, with more to come. Having a game page also enters your game into the recommendation system, and each update will provide your game with more visibility.


By bringing in your existing community you'll be doing yourself and them a favor. They will be able to follow you comprehensively on one page, and use Playfield themselves. And when they do, they will spread knowledge of your game on their way, and in turn bring more people to your game. So add your game and have Playfield become your one-stop shop for keeping your fans up-to-date, while simultaneously exposing your game to more interested players.